Jonava District Municipality Administration, in partnership with Jonava Public Health Office, participated in the 2014-2021 “Health” program competition of the European Economic Area’s funding mechanism. They submitted an application for funding to implement the project “Development of a Youth-Friendly Healthcare Services Model in Jonava District Municipality.” The funding for the project was approved on March 3, 2021, and the implementation contract, numbered LT03-1-SAM-K01-007, was signed.

Healthcare services in Jonava are accessible to all individuals, and the youth group is not separated from other groups when receiving healthcare services. The concept of youth-friendly healthcare services is crucial in changing the approach to the health priorities of adolescents. It plays a significant role in enhancing the accessibility and acceptability of healthcare services for young people. Throughout the project, there will be collaboration with Jonava Public Health Office to develop a coordinating center. The main goal is to develop quality and accessible youth-friendly healthcare services that encourage young people living in Jonava municipality to choose healthier lifestyles.

The project objectives are as follows:

1.Develop youth-friendly healthcare services through the coordinating center in the municipality.
2.Improve the competence of specialists and youth health coordinators.
3.Strengthen the network of existing institutions providing services to young people.
4.Offer comprehensive youth-friendly services in the municipality.

To efficiently provide services, the principle of the “green corridor” will be implemented for healthcare services in Jonava District Municipality. A psychologist will also be employed to organize and conduct group and individual sessions, offering counseling to young people facing psychological, personality, and learning challenges, as well as counseling for their parents. Training will be provided to enhance the qualifications and competence of specialists delivering youth services. The project involves cooperation among educational, social, healthcare, law enforcement institutions, youth organizations, non-governmental organizations, and others. The project will include workshops and consultations aimed at coping with stress, reducing constant tension, and altering the perception of the body and appearance shaped by social and cultural environments. Public Health Office specialists will coordinate case management and provide youth-focused healthcare services, including health promotion, prevention, treatment, and monitoring services in Jonava District.

Youth coordinators will assess the health needs of young people and provide case management services. They will engage in motivational conversations, facilitate communication with healthcare or other institutions, and maintain continuous contact until the issue is resolved.

The total project value is 213,324.47 Euros, with 181,325.79 Euros funded by the European Economic Area’s funding mechanism and 31,998.68 Euros from the Republic of Lithuania’s state budget. The project is scheduled to conclude on March 17, 2023.

Strategic Planning and Investment Department

Project Nr. LT03-1-SAM-K01-007
The project “Development of a Youth-Friendly Healthcare Services Model in Jonava District Municipality” is being financed by the European Economic Area’s funding mechanism.


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